About Us


Our story begins like so many other longtime dog owners. After turning seven, our beloved Roscoe started to lose a step. He was struggling up the stairs, tired easily, and seemed to have lost much of his appetite. He just wasn’t himself anymore. We knew we had to do something – and fast.
So we introduced Roscoe to non-psychoactive CBD oils. Thankfully, within a couple of weeks, we noticed an incredible improvement in his health and vitality. Stairs no longer proved a challenge for Roscoe, and he was less anxious overall. In addition to regaining his appetite, he was getting along better with other dogs. It was like the old Roscoe was back.
Now our mission is to help as many other four-legged friends enjoy the same benefits and lifestyle as Roscoe. We all love out pets. Why not give them the best quality of life possible?

We're local, organic and made in the USA.

Bone Appétreat

Invest In Your Pet's Health

Our Mission is to help as many of our four-legged friends as possible.


Lab tested, whole plant medical grade hemp.


Includes turmeric, hemp, chia, and flax.


Helps with arthritis, inflammation, anxiety, increases appetite, helps with epilepsy and seizures, aggression, heart health, digestion issues, protects the nervous system, and helps control pain associated with cancer.