Mumm's Medicinals 1 oz - 1000mg

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This product contains 1000mg of nano-enhanced CBD isolate, MCT-Oil, and Mumm's Signature Terpene blend. 
Several years of research and development have gone into the making of Mumm's Signature Terpene blend. Terpenes are simple hydro-carbon chains that enhance the therapeutic benefits of the CBD known as the "entourage effect". <br><br><strong>There are 18 different terpenes in this particular blend!! </strong><br><br>
The therapeutic benefits ranging from anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant, decrease nociceptive pain, muscle relaxation, gastrointestinal issues, anti-spasmodic, as well as promoting restful sleeping. People have seen the best results when incorporating Mumm's oil into their daily routine. Most people notice unequivocal benefits in 14-21 days. Results may vary. Our products are lab-tested and contain 0.00% THC

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