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Jenny S.

Bought for my senior dog to help with pain and another dog to ease anxiety. Fast delivery, friendly owners, and a great product. Will definitely be a long term customer.

Katie K.

I can’t say enough good things about Canna-bonez! My dog, Lucy, is 12 years old and has arthritis... Canna-bonez has been a game changer. Lucy is able to go on the boat and swim all day without the pain she used to suffer from. Thank you Canna-bonez for this amazing product!

Jason R.

I ordered canna bonez drops for my elderly dog he loves the drops and I have noticed a difference in him. Chance is more active and doesn't have problems jumping onto the couch now! Thank you canna bonez you are a great company!

Chris P.

Ever since my pup started on the oils I have noticed a huge difference in his mobility. He’s running around like a puppy and doesn’t seem to be in as much pain anymore. Thx for the help canna bones.

Lauren R.

My dog has arthritis and I can see a definite change when he's on CBD, and when it acts up I double up on the dose and he feels more at ease, he lives off this stuff! Thanks cannabonez

jordan B.

I have been giving my 11-year-old 13lb Maltipoo 2mg of the Hemp Extract twice a day and have seen great improvement in her mobility due to arthritis. A few weeks back, we had put water in an old bottle to wash it out and accidentally gave her water instead of the hemp extract and realized her limping had come back. After that, I have no doubt that CannaBonez has made a great difference in the inflammation she has experienced. The only downside is that it can give her loose stool if she does not eat enough after receiving the dose. I would also recommend starting off very small and increasing the dose slowly to avoid stomach upset.

Ed S.

We believe that the Hemp Extract is giving comfort and pain relief to Levi our soon to be 14 year old Lab. We are glad we found you and will be reordering soon.

Bonnie and Ed

Morgan C.

This oil is AMAZING for dog anxiety and aggression. We cannot be more pleased with this product and will continue to order it. We know this is a reputable company to order from and wouldn't purchase our CBD oil from anyone else.
Thank you Cannna Bonez

Evelyn M.

I'm using this oil on my senior cats. They each get half a dropper twice a day. The one with anxiety rests much better now. The larger one -- who is starting to show symptoms of arthritis and also has early-stage renal disease -- has become more playful. There are some days in the past where she's mainly slept through them (more than the average cat would) but her energy is starting to improve. Today, for instance, she chased around for a few hours. I'll keep giving this to them and seeing where it leads.

Kristin M.

Great to be able to find this locally and affordably!

Michelle F.

good value...easy to administer and seems to be working.

Michael Y.

Awesome product, same day delivery was an unexpected suprise

Katie K.

Canna-bonz CBD oil has been a game-changer for my almost 12 year old lab mix, Lucy. She started to move slower and getting up, she was out for days after a boat day or swimming and getting up and down was starting to be more challenging for her... we had x-rays done that showed early signs of arthritis. My vet, Brian King, recommended Canna-bonz CBD oil and mentioned they just had an article written in the paper. We have been through a bag of treats and two full bottles of the oil and Lucy has responded amazingly well. She is running, jumping and happy. I have seen a major improvement in her arthritis symptoms. I would recommend this product to anyone with an older dog. The owners are also very nice and deliver right to my front door. We are customers for life! Thanks Canna-bonz!!!!!

Nancy F.

We have been giving this to our senior dog for the past couple of weeks. He seems to be getting around better. I wish the dropper was marked with mg and that the dosage was listed on the box. I will still purchase more for my dog when needed.

Jean M.

So easy to use. I can control the amount and it mixes well with food.

Halley F.

I emailed with a few questions and they were very quick to respond and were very helpful! I then purchased the oil and it was delivered the next day! (I'm local) So cute! I have only been using it on my girl for a couple weeks but I think we are seeing some improvement! Thanks, guys!!

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